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Causes of Eczema

Lets take a closer look at what can lie at the root of eczema from a physical standpoint. Symptoms of eczema are usually worse with stress.  Other factors include foods that the patient may be unknowingly allergic to, sugar, coffee, alcohol, poor diet, deficiency of specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, pro-biotics.  It is also aggravated by an overabundance of toxins, pesticides, mercury and heavy metals, chlorine, and antibiotics.  (The anti-biotics may be present from taking it as medication or from consumption of non-organic foods that contain anti-biotics).  In addition, Eczema and all skin disorders may have a strong connection to Candida, in which case there could be additional digestive problems, poor absorption or assimilation, low energy, and food allergies, to name only a few.

Eczema can be due to lack of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  Lack of Omega 3’s are usually a factor in most skin disorders.  Fish Oils are usually best for skin problems (and for certain genetic lineages) and are at the top of the list of Omega 3’s.  Make sure you are buying from a source that contains no mercury or heavy metals.  Flax, Borage, and Primrose are also good sources of EFA’s, but are occasionally not as powerful as fish oils for healing skin conditions.  (Certain cultural lineages also need fish oil instead of flax).  Each oil also has a different balance between Omega 3, 6, and 9.  Omega 3’s are the most needed in supplement form because Omega 6 and 9 are found more readily in the diet.  (For more information on Essential Fatty Acids, see Healing with Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford.  This book may also be purchased at

Vitamin and mineral deficiency can also play a big role in eczema.  Vitamins A, C, E, B are especially important.  Some people also become deficient in trace minerals, which are much harder to absorb with our soils being so depleted in modern times.  Many of the trace minerals that are required to make important functions happen, are often completely lacking in individuals with health issues.  In some cases, skin problems will clear up easily and quickly with the consumption of proper doses of vitamins, minerals, and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).  Higher doses may be required in the beginning to get the body back into balance.  (Keep in mind, however, that certain foods will deplete the absorption of specific vitamins and minerals.  Thus, it is important to work with a physician who has qualified experience in this field).

Eczema can also be caused due to inflammation and histamine responses caused by allergens from food, animals, dust, pollens, molds, yeasts, environmental chemicals and toxins.  Usually, in these types of skin problems, there will need to be a strong emphasis on working with the Liver, Intestines, and clearing toxins from the system.  When the body becomes overloaded with toxins, it will often develop allergies to things that were never a problem before.  It is as if the body is communicating the need to hit the reset button, clear the plate, take a rest, and start over with healthy habits.

A human body system that is acidic in nature can also be a factor in many diseases.  Have you ever seen what happens to a pool or hot-tub when the PH balance is off?  What about a beloved plant in your garden that looses its lush green color, gets attacked by bugs, or whose blooms change color?  Yes, the internal environments of our body are very important.  They can easily become the perfect climate for harboring bacterias, fungi, and growths, if not kept in balance.  People that live in modern western culture, with fast food diets, high intake of sugar, coffee, and anti-biotic consumption, tend towards having more acidic systems than necessary and good. Examples of acidic foods are: coffee, alcohol, sugar (candy, sweet juices, soda), processed foods (chips, packaged foods, fast food), tobacco, black tea, vinegars, soda, high consumption of tomatoes, pineapple, and other acidic fruits and veggies.

In many cases, and esp. when the eczema has been present for a long time and the allergies have been increasing gradually, then we would begin to suspect Candida.  If this is the case, intestinal and liver cleansing must be implemented and avoidance of sugars, coffee, and all acidic foods must be undertaken.  This type also usually requires that the patient do some colonics or enemas to help remove fungus, acidity, and build-up in the intestines.  To see more on eczema and Candida, please follow the link provided…..

Finally, we turn towards the emotional and energetic causes of eczema.  One who has undergone high levels of stress, trauma, or suppressed very strong emotions over a period of time can eventually develop skin disorders.  This can be from suppressed anger, which affects the Liver; or from Sadness, which affects the Lungs.  Both of these organ systems, for example, have direct links to the quality and health of the skin.  Virtually any emotion in excess will affect one or more of the organ systems and can influence the skin.

Additionally, those who are empathics, channels, and healers, especially if they don’t yet realize it, are more susceptible to picking up stress, negative thoughts and emotions from people and environments around them.  These individuals, who often take on the emotional states of those around them, sometimes without realizing it, often manifest skin issues because they need to learn to have stronger physical, energetic, or psychic boundaries.  It is as if the skin saying that it is cracked and irritated because its boundaries are easily permeated, leaving the individual open and susceptible to energies that are not necessarily their own.

Essentially, there are a myriad of ways that one can develop eczema or any skin disorder.  Whether it is dietary or emotionally related, toxins or allergies, intestinal or energetic at its root, there is always an entire mandala of related factors.  Usually, we must adapt our minds to understand that healing of any kind, is about learning how to be more healthy and radiant, in all facets of our lives.  Once we accept this idea, healing eczema becomes much easier as we learn to work with the depths of our emotions; embrace new, healthier foods; learn to explore new healing modalities, treat our bodies with respect and gentleness.

Spiritually, any disease can be present as a call to re-evaluate, re-group, re-align.  It may be supporting us to work on subtleties or to make great shifts in lifestyle.  It is a call to consciousness in all the ways that we conduct our lives.  Are we balanced in career, family, education, spiritual cultivation, creativity? What aspects of our lives are lacking our attention and love?  What aspects are lacking discipline?  What aspects are lacking gentleness and compassion?  The healing of any illness requires that we ask these questions of ourselves.  We can be sure that if we are in need of healing, then we are also being asked to take quiet, soul-searching time for ourselves, regardless of how bad we think the timing may be.  

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