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Milk Thistle and Eczema

Picture of eczema free CarrieOriginally, my husband Mark created the Milk Thistle Blend for me when 90% of my body was covered in Eczema.  We discovered rather quickly that it was an integral part of healing my skin.  As someone whose skin cracked open with every movement: (esp. on the neck and all joints), the blend quickly softened my skin and gave it more elasticity.  It took the redness and inflammation out and helped drastically reduce the histamine reactions from food and environmental allergies.  It helped transform my skin from sandpaper texture, and gave it a soft, supple and moveable quality.

Here is how and why our Milk Thistle blend aids in the treatment of eczema and all skin disorders so effectively.  First of all, eczema is very closely related to liver function, toxicity, heat, and its ability to cleanse the blood.  The Liver almost always has some involvement in eczema and psoriasis.  Milk Thistle is considered to be a hepatocyte protector, which means that it protects liver cells from new, incoming toxins.  Additionally, it supports the liver by assisting it to make more bile.  The gallbladder, then secretes this extra bile into the intestines, where it helps break down fats, cholesterol, stimulates bowel movement, and lubricates the intestines, thus aiding in detoxification.

Because the Milk Thistle assists the liver function to be more effective, one of the results of this is that the Liver is more productive in purifying the blood at night.  This is an important factor in working with skin disorders.  (You will see later in this article that this action occurs on two levels in this formula).

The Milk Thistle is also considered to be a demulcient, which means that it softens and makes supple the mucous membranes, esp. the skin and intestines.  This enables the healing of cracked, dry, inflamed skin, and of intestinal walls that have fissures, inflammation, and agitation.

The Dandelion is an incredible digestive aid, as well.  Because this herb removes stagnation out of so many of the organs, it is wonderful for those who may have skin problems due to sluggish, overburdened digestion.  It helps clear congested energy out of the liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, large and small intestine, kidney, and bladder.  Because of this, our blend not only helps clear skin problems, but also intestinal disorders, bladder, kidney, and prostate inflammation, and over burdened digestive organs.  This is what makes this blend ideal for treating skin problems of all types:  the dandelion is productive in moving out stagnant patterns in many of the organ systems.

Finally, the Red Clover is a blood and lymph cleanser, and thus supports the Milk Thistle in the same action; making this blend very powerful for skin problems by cleansing the liver and the blood simultaneously.  Because of its ability to clean and move the blood, Red Clover is also known to help reduce the size of growths, cysts, and tumors.  (Due to the Liver’s influence over the breast, the combination of these three herbs also makes this a perfect formula to aid those with breast cancer and/or to help detoxify as an adjunct to traditional chemotherapy).

So, essentially, in this simple formula, we are able to address many of the imbalances that lie at the heart of eczema and other skin disorders. 

Actions of this formula are:

  • Aids Liver function
  • Aids Digestion and Moves out Stagnation in the following organs: Liver, gallbladder, large and small intestine, spleen, stomach, kidney, bladder, prostate,
  • Protects liver cells from incoming toxins
  • Nourishes and Supports Liver and Blood
  • Purifies the Liver, Intestines, Blood, Skin
  • Moves Qi and Blood
  • Softens and Reduces masses: (ideal for treating breast lumps)
  • Softens and Generates the tissue (all skin disorders)
  • Reduces Inflammation and Histamine Response (treats allergies of all kinds, bladder, prostate, joint inflammation)

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